Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blessings in Brown Paper Packages

These days inspiration comes from the most surprising and unexpected sources. I continue to be amazed and if I'm honest, a little challenged sometimes by the forms it takes. How long did I ask for inspiration but looked in the usual places only to find nothing?

Now I understand that some of my disappointment and unhappiness in life was brought on by allowing a very limited view to frame my thoughts, dreams and expectations. These days, I'm going with the flow a bit more, discerning not only when something is good for me but recognizing also when something is great.

The evidence is strong: sometimes God wraps something so beautiful and life-changing in brown paper packages so that only those with an open mind for the miraculous and an open heart to welcome it into their life will recognize it.

More and more I am convinced,
good things are not kept from us - they are kept for us.
Sometimes we simply fail to see them and recognize their worth. Take another look around you and maybe you'll discover the inspiration you've been holding out for, is already within your reach.